Tournament Organizer

Tournament Organizer is a powerful yet stylish and smart utility with multiple features. Discover all the necessary tools that will facilitate the realization as well as the management of your football tournament.

Add up to 32 teams and the app will do the rest for you.

It is also an ideal tool for organizing FIFA or PES tournaments and keeping track of upcoming matches, results, statistics, etc … so it is a versatile tournament manager.

This app does not require any internet connection to manage your tournaments.

⭐️❔ DRAW LOTS ❔⭐️

And now, no need to put small papers in a hat, this application takes care of everything. It allows you to draw the participating teams dynamically and assign them to a group.

The method used is identical to that used by UEFA and FIFA.

Note that you can also add your teams manually.


Generate your matches and save your scores. The application will take care of the classification to be made.

Ranking rules : like the World Cups
– Won +3 points Null +1 point Lost 0 point
– Min team by group : 3 teams
– Max team per group : 4 teams

⚽️🗓 MATCHES 🗓⚽️

Watching and moving from one group to another has never been easier !

Overview of all your matches available for created groups allowing you to keep an eye on the calendar and results.


Keep in mind the top scorer to reward him at the end of the tournament.

This module provides you with a unique set of information such as :
– Scorer name
– Top scorer’s team
– Number of goals scored

Add, edit or delete a scorer as you wish.


In a game, every second is precious. Our customizable and comfortable timer module will help you in any situation.

Start and stop the timer by pressing the control buttons.

The design has been thought to make you feel comfortable and to make you feel like you are holding a real timer and the counter on your hands, with a beautiful theme and animations.

Some of the best features :

– The app stores data in a SQLite database available on any Android device
– List of all participating teams
– All the details of the different groups available
– Modern and easy to use interface
– 100% free

To come up :

– Round trip matches
– Management of 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and final
– Deletion, modification and rotation of teams from one group to another
– Animation balls to draw lots
– Exporting key information so you can share it

If you notice any bugs or an unexpected shutdown of the application, please contact us !

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Suggestions are also welcome 😉

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