Draw An Item Easily​

You did not really get tired of choosing names by writing them on slips of paper, then putting them in a hat ? Let’s settle the pleasure. Your search ends here !

Leave room for chance. This application is just what you need.

In life, there are often risky and delicate situations where decisions are not always easy to make. This application will help you in the choices that you do not want or sometimes the courage to do.

Simply create

Enter your own lists of items to draw, enter labels (names of players, sports teams, drinks, cars, words, idea of ​​dishes for the meal …), everything that happens to you the mind and generate, there are no limits !

It has many options, try them !

Ideal for :
★ Choice of students to call in class
★ Creation of groups
★ know what to do
★ Simplify all your important decisions

Items can be added, deleted, modified, or duplicated

If you notice any bugs or extra features you would like, thank you for letting us know !

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Screen Shots


Simple and Fast

Stop the papers and draw more quickly on your phone.

Enter your own lists of items to draw !

Multiple Colors

100% customizable papers with the possibility to choose different colors.

Essential Tool

This tool will be useful for deciding your hard choices to make or achieve.


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